North Lincs HA Custom Show
North Lincs Hells Angels MC 1st Custom Show
Spalding, Lincs 14th July 2007

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It’s been quite a while since I travelled to Lincs and you forget how flat the place is, it’s brilliant! No more wheeling up or down hills, but ironically the were plenty of places that ended it the word hill, such as Gedney hill, but we were in Weston Hills, yes not just one imaginary hill but multiples, yes it’s a bit posh I know.
Anyway the important bit, the show was hosted by the North Lincs Hells Angels MC at the site of GLF Motorcycle Engineers, with proceeds going to Lincolnshire Air Ambulance. now worryingly there was a certain person on the gate (name omitted to protect the guilty), with a handbag, which suited him very well which was even more worrying, not that he got any stick from his club about it, oh no they wouldn’t do that.
   As usual there’s not room to go into great detail of the bikes and trikes that were there, but my favourite, which still amazes me every time I see it is Ako’s Monster Bobber ‘Hells Bent on Rockin’, there were quite a few machines I hadn’t seen before as well, which is a good sign. One of which was a multicoloured Suzuki streetfighter with a stainless frame and everywhere that could be painted was.  Up next is an orange and silver chop with 59 Cadillac rear tail lights, a Chevy Bel Air Hood ornament on the tank and a narrower one on the front mudguard; needless to say it was enough to give an MSVA inspector an instant heart attack. A couple of scooters attended; most notable was Sacrilege 2 an orange Vespa, with chunky enclosed bodywork. There wasn’t an overabundance of trikes, but my favourite was a blue Yamaha with clean lines and a nice clean uncluttered feel to it.
STEViE started the afternoon’s music with his legendary One Man One Mandolin set. Next up was Red Tape, who sang modern rock/indie covers from artists such as Green Day and the Kaiser Chiefs, The disco was supplied and manned by Paul the stall, who did a good job at keeping everyone entertained. It was my first chance to see General Skullduggery; (the half-breed lovechild of The Beer Monsters and The Three Amigos. (As described by themselves)), and can happily say that I wasn’t disappointed Feral Circus – Masters of Metallica finished the evening off.
A Big thanks goes out to North Lincs Hells Angels MC for hosting the event, who in return would like to thank all the bands for their time and thank all those involved in putting together their 1st custom show and they look forward to seeing you next year for something bigger and better.