Bulldog Bash 2016

30th Bulldog Bash
Held at Long Marston airfield 11th – 14th August 2016
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The 30th Bulldog Bash promised to be bigger and back to being a proper biker custom show (no its not a rally)
with enough to entertain everybody, its a non stop party from Thursday to Sunday, which does not just happen, so much hard work goes on in the background organising  an event this size, trying to please the health and safety bods to the logistics of running a drag strip, custom tent  bar, bands stalls, catering camping, stunt show and not to mention banger practising all week to drift a victory octane (succesfully i might add) with ABS down the stunt area and everyother logistical nightmare we don’t see or hear about.
For me its all about the bikes, i am not that interested in the bands, but its good to have music of one sort or another, one of this years highlights was the two Jet cars side by side on the drag strip, such a phenomenal presence you can’t fail to be impresses
so at this point i will leave you with the photos

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