Disabled Bikers

Being disabled does not mean you have to give up biking or the lifestyle, it does mean you will have to make changes. What those changes are will depend on what your disabilty is, and maybe something as little as a minor modification to your bike/trike will suffice or even a complete new vehicle to suit your disability, these are on top of the logistical problems of coping on a rally site.
now I understand that there is an uproar about cars going to rallies. but if it means I can still enjoy the lifestyle and be with my friends then I dont care what peoples opinions are. I personally would love to ride my trike to each and every rally, but alas my health does not always allow it here is a write up I have done on attending events, this was written from my perspective so may not apply to everyone.
If i can be of help, or offer any advice then please Contact me here

Here are some resources you may find useful

NABD (National Association of Bikers with a Disability
The main point of NABD is to help to adapt motorcycles, trikes, and sidecar outfits so that they can be ridden by people with disabilities. Weak or missing arms or legs can usually be catered for on two wheels, but sometimes three are the only option. Whatever your taste in machinery, there is probably something out there which comes close to the picture in your head - have a look round the site, you will be amazed at what is possible! Anyone can join NABD, it doesn’t matter if you are disabled or not

The Disabled Motorcyclists Association (DMA)
The DMA aims to support all disabled riders both past and present. Although based in the North West we will not refuse assistance to those who may live outside the area. The DMA provides practical help and support to all those who ride a motorbike, scooter, moped, trike or are considering riding for the first time.
We can help with advice on what adaption needs to be done to your chosen bike and act as a signpost to where you can obtain the adaption and what you need to consider before riding. This is linked into our information database. The DMA is also in favour of promoting safe riding and the positive image of motorcycling.

Jumbo GB
Jumbo GB is a voluntary organisation who’s aim is to provide an annual outing, to a suitable venue for children with disabilities & special needs it is called 'The Jumbo Run'The children are taken to the venue in motorcycle combinations, 3-wheeled cars & trikes, escorted by riders on solo motorcycles. The children are looked after by the same rider or couple for the day. Solo riders can also take care of a child at the venue if they want to.

The BUG (motorcycle usergroup for amputees)
The BUG has been created to provide a group that specialises in motorcycling for amputees and To help individuals come to terms with thier situation or talk about thier experiences via a group or one to one basis.
To provide information, (eg..Adaptions, Trikes and Bikes, Rider Training, Benefits and To allow an individual to feel part of the group and not alone in thier situation).

X-Treme Disabled Motorsport (XDM)
XDM - Xtreme Disabled Motor Sport - has been set up to give the opportunity for disabled people to participate in Off Road Motorsports. Our mission is to improve the participation in motorsports for people with disabilities and to give the same opportunity to receive quality training, certification and driving adventures as the able bodied population

We offer a unique opportunity for the disabled driver to get behind the wheel of a Rally Car and drive on both a loose gravel and a tarmac special stage against the clock driving a fully adapted car instructed by a professional Rally Driver.

Formerly known as Disabled Drivers' Motor Club and The Disabled Drivers' Association who have merged to give a greater voice to people with mobility impairments. The objects of the new charity are to promote and protect the welfare of disabled people and to promote their personal mobility.

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