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Build Your Own Rear Guards

start with some 1.5 / 2mm mild steel & some suitable tube ( I used 1/2″ bore steam pipe)

bend tube to suit o/a dia of tyre and trim to desired length, i used a suitable former from my bender and held it in vice to pull tube around moving it along the former every couple of inches to create smooth radius. have a practise first 🙂

clamp mildsteel to tube and tackweld every couple of inches along length of outsides

when you happy with what you have made so far, fully weld and clean/smooth back the welds. the better the preperation the less filler 🙂

work out where your lights and mudguard stays are going to be mounted and drill 10mm through the tubes so the wiring can be hidden inside of stays, make sure all holes are de-burred, (no sharp edges for wires to get cut on)

when you happy with this, make spacer to fit between tyre & mudguard ( I use short bits of 2″x1″ duck taped across width of tyre to give me a 1″ clearance) I have close tolerance only because my guards are mounted to axle and move with the wheel/tyre. (I hate those big gaps between guards & tyre that allow the wheel to move up/down when the guard is mounted to frame/chassis, buts thats my personal choice)

with guard duck-taped to tyre, position stays and tack weld into position. when you happy with position etc fully weld.

remove guards, fit lights, you have already worked out where cable are going to run all you may need it some sort of “clip” to secure cable colse to inside of guard. I use small “garden wire staples”, grind points off, position to line up with wire from light and the 10mm hole you drilled through tubes and tack-weld into position ( open end upper most) when you are ready to actually wire lights you can “sleeve/shrink-tube/spirabind” wires for extra protection, when wires are held by “staple” just gentle close the open ends with small hammer (without crushing/damaging wires)

you should now be ready to prepare/prime/paint then refit lights etc.

there easy peasy wasnt it, heheheheheeeeeee

Triker Pete