Disabled bikers.
We have all been told by those who do not ride motorcycles that they are dangerous, we usually respond by telling them that it is other people not us that are the danger and follow-up with well we know the risks.
I may burst a few people’s bubbles and their egos with the following statement, no you don’t. How could you know?
I thought I knew the risks but even in my wildest dreams i couldn’t have imagined a hell of a lot of the effects it has had on my self, my life and the people around me, But I always get at least one belligerent person saying “well I do because my mate had this or that happen to them” or “well I broke my legs and was in a wheelchair for 12 months”, or something like that.Disabled Biker

And whilst most of us can appreciate the logistical issues of being in a wheelchair or breaking an arm, ribs, hands, feet etc… It is virtually impossible to understand the long-term issues caused by serious physical damage/disabilities or of a brain injury unless it has happened to you, this almost sounds like I am bragging or overstating the issues but no!
I am trying to put across how unlikely and unobvious a lot of issues are. (unobvious, i don’t think that is a word but it fits my purpose,)
I would also like to add that if you do have a friend or family member that suffers with a brain injury, that they only tell you between 10% and 50% of their issues.
I am in a wheelchair and I have a Brain Injury but I am a stubborn fucker and will fight as hard as I can to live as normal a life as i can. and I can state from my personal experience that if I had a choice I would rather be in the wheelchair than have the brain injury. That’s how devastating a brain injury can be.
I will cover more about both the physical disabilities and brain injury in the relevant sections.

So basically a lorry pulled out in front of my motorcycle and I head-butted the lorry, not one of my better ideas but there you go.

Depending on your injuries and recovery you may be able to ride a bike again or you may need a side-car or trike but it maybe that you may be stuck in your car or you may lose your licence altogether. But as most bikers know it’s a case of ‘there but for the grace of god go I’ (No I am not religious that phrase is most suited to the point I’m making) And allowances are made and help is offered for those who are genuinely disabled and having to turn up in cars to rallies and shows.
Initially in the UK Motability is usually your best option after your accident as they have all sorts of vehicles and adaptations available for all sorts of disabilities you may need anything from an automatic car all the way up to a car you can drive with no arms.
If you want to get back on a motorcycle this may not be so easy but with the help of NABD the National Association of Disabled Bikers, there are many adaptations available and I am by no means an expert in any of it so if you follow this link to their website you will find much more information than I can provide.
I have had two trikes since my accident and whilst they allowed me to carry on biking (to an extent) they were never the same.
sort of the worst of the bike with the worst of the car and I just didn’t get the buzz from it that I did from being on a motorcycle.
With this website and my photography I still get to be around custom motorcycles so it’s not all bad.