HEADWAY Helps a lot of bikers after their accidents, from what is an invisible and rarely talked about common issue,headway
we all brag about our scars and mended broken bones, but when was the last time you heard about a biker bragging about their brain injury?

The following statement is my own opinion of the help I received and continue to receive from Headway (Headways official statement below)
Headway has played a major role in my development after my brain injury, whilst the doctors and medical staff do all they can physically and medically, we are all left with issues that operations and medication cannot help with, this can range from emotional and behavioural issues to cognitive issues to memory issues and many many more in-between.
The resulting issues can cause deficits with reading, writing, planning and memory just to name a few.
Headway offer sessions for all those real life issues you end up struggling with, and although cant cure them, it can help by repetition or learning strategies to deal with them.
they also offer help to the families of those affected, as it can be hard on them as well.

Headway offer the real life help with these things that the NHS just does not offer

Headway Uk National Site

Headway West Midlands  (the local association i use)

The official statement from Headway West Midlands is below

Headway West Midlands (WM) is a local charity set up to give help and support to people affected by brain injury. We do this by offering services to meet the needs identified by those affected by brain injury.

Headway WM is a relatively small, but growing voluntary organisation with ambitious plans for future expansion of its services. It is a registered charity operated as a company limited by guarantee.

The service offered by Headway is unique because we are:-

  • The only organisation providing services for the continued long-term development and community integration of brain injured people
  • The only service that aims to help the whole family affected by a brain injury – e.g. partner, parent, sibling, child etc. as well as the carer. and brain injured person themselves
  • The only organisation that tries to address all areas of the brain injury pathway – from prevention to re-integration into the community
  • Able to provide staff who are experienced and trained specifically in brain injury
  • Pro-active in providing services to brain injured people and their families who come from minority ethnic backgrounds
  • Committed to setting up services to meet users needs

Headway West Midlands is affiliated to Headway – the brain injury association, the leading national brain injury charity. There are over 100 Headway Groups and Branches around the country, and new Headway are being established to meet the growing community of those affected by brain injury.

Headway (West Midlands) Ltd is an independently registered charity (No. 1008798) and a Company limited by guarantee (No 2686647).

Our registered office is at Leighton House, 20 Chapel Rise, Birmingham Great Park, Rubery, Birmingham.  B45 9SN