Physical Injuries

This is where you, the readers and visitors of this website come in and can help fellow bikers.
I can share and discuss my physical issues mostly related to chronic pain along with the trials and tribulations and logistics of being in a wheelchair (both manual and electric). But as there are so many different types of injuries, along with their related effects I have neither the experience or the knowledge to cover anything I have not personally been through.

This is where I need you so you can share the good times and the bad times and in the end we might help others Get through what are devastating life changing issues

What I need from those of you who have been in major road traffic accident to put in your own words what you have been through what is helped and what has hindered you, I am not looking for a novel just honest information. Even if it is just a list of bullet points.
Follow this link where you can submit your story which can be anonymous if required.
A lot of us have had to fight to either get the right medical treatment or houses and vehicles adapted to allow us to live our lives as independently as possible.Maybe our stories and tips about how to get help can help someone in the future making it easier on them and their families

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