So where did Bikerlifestyle come from?
It started in 2001 as a Yahoo group with some good friends with common history and interests.

This went on a little while until 1 April 2002 (and no wasn’t an April fool’s joke 🙂 ) when I registered the domain
I had no idea what I was going to do with the site and initially it was just a few photos of friends and their bikes and about 1 million web links because back then the more links she had on your site the better your rated in search engines.established2002
The first real site which I suppose technically was the second was a bit more organised and looking back really not that good, but I knew very little about web design and just made it up as I went along but I did manage to build a forum and a chat room.
Next came the second redesign which is a torn paper effect which again looking back was tacky as hell but then again it did its job.
All along I had been taking photos and the site is getting bigger and bigger and as you can see by my photos they were about as good as my web design to start with so they’ve improved as well.
The third design I look at and think what the fucking hell was I thinking but that lasted till about 2015.
In about 2008 my health deteriorated and my head injury relapsed I found I could no longer update my site or look after it.
But I continued to take photos and share them wherever I could.
Roll onto 2015 and I was determined to get my site back up. you know all modern n’ shit with Facebook, twittering and googley sharey things.
I have attempted three times to build new site but they all got the better of me but I stuck with it and here we have it 2016 and the new website is ready.
And that’s about it really.

I would be nice to make money from the website somehow but if I did it would purely be a sideline I hate websites that have pop-ups adverts subscriptions and just try to part you from your money. Bikerlifestyle is not about that it’s more about a photographic history of custom motorcycles and the bike scene.
It is something I can take pride in and be proud of.

You can support the site with PayPal donations from the front page also the cost of camera equipment is expensive so if you ever come across any Nikon lenses, especially prime lenses that you need to get rid of donations will be gladly accepted, thank you

So put your feet up get you mouse or finger ready (ohh err missus) and start clicking, this site has over 30,000 photos of custom bikes, bikers and the biker lifestyle.
If you have a custom bike or trike or photos from a custom show or rally we will happily host them here. Contact us for more info.

1st Website

2nd Website

3rd Website

4th Website