3,000 horse power 55 Chevy

This 55 chevy is a 15-year story with many engineering feats accomplished to make this car street legal and rated for safety

This is the most powerful street registered auto mobile ever built.
Powered by a 1,650 cubic inch supercharged v12 Packard merlin Rolls Royce engine that was used to power the fighter aircraft p51 mustang and runs on unleaded petrol
This absolutely gorgeous one of a kind 1955 chevy that once belonged to Ava Gardner has been transformed over a fifteen year period to pay homage to the p51 mustang and the 352nd fighter group that was stationed in Bodney England during world war ii that was responsible for downing 729 enemy aircraft with only 29 loses

The motto of the 352nd fighter group was “second to none” and because of the distinctive blue nose painted on each p-51 the fighter group became known as “the blue nose bastards of Bodney

Each pilot gave his mustang a name like “little one” “stinky 2” and “cripes-a-mighty” this 55-chevy is dedicated to the plane its pilot named “final objective” with a paint job that cost over $70,000.00

3,000 horse power on the street

This most powerful street car ever made was because one gentleman named rod hadfield who has been fascinated by the military his entire life and especially the air force and because of rod’s inspiration and dedication he devoted over fifteen years and spent over one million dollars to bring about his dream to turn the ava gardner 55 Chevrolet into something special and to honour a group of courageous young men who risked their lives everyday in the sky’s over Europe during WWII that others could enjoy freedom to pursue lives free from fear and the horrors of Hitler’s tyranny

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