The bike was bought standard from new a month before Freak got married which apparently didn’t go down too well with the prospective in-laws. It was supposed to be kept as standard for touring the country with his new missus during holiday time. This was a clever trade-off allowing him to continue fettling with chops and other home built rides for the occasion weekend rally but mostly for tearing around the Cotswold’s of an evening, scaring horses, sheep and tourists.

Well that WAS the plan until a couple of years later whilst leaving the Farmyard Party on a CB 750 hardtail chop a young lady asked him “Is that your bike love? Such a small bike for a big bloke, it doesn’t suit you at all. ”Such comments left a huge dent in his pride confounded by the fact that his little CB chop heat seized on the trip home much to his embarrassment and building frustration/humiliation.
The only two remedies to the big bloke – little bike problem meant either losing a lot of weight or building a bigger bike to suit his oversized frame. So within minutes of getting home…. out came one Wildstar from the shed, a tape measure and a sketchbook. Within a week or so the plans and the bike were in a workshop.

Since being built he has ridden it most weekends come rain or shine (although Freak freely admits it stays in the shed when there’s salt on the road) He’s ridden to functions and rallies all over this country plus the odd European trip including excursions to Ireland, France and Faro in Portugal. He says he’s never felt more comfortable or suited to a bike in his life but there are winds of change afoot. This may well be the last set of pictures taken of Freaks bike in this guise. All I can say is… Watch this space.

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