Ants C90 Trike

This little trike was built by me when I was 12 back in 2005, it runs a standard 4 stroke c90 engine always a good reliable engine.
It has a fully working rear diff robbed from a mountfield lawnmower of all places, with the half-shaft sizes increased from 25mm up to 30mm to fit the go-kart hubs, wich bolt on to the 8.5inch wide wheels
This is the only bit i didn’t do myself as i don’t have a lathe.

The axle is mounted onto the frame using industrial gradeĀ bearings to keep it all nice and strong, The frame is a complete one off inĀ 25mm plumbers barrel, all the welding was done by myself with a arc welder that my brother bought me for my 11th birthday it was originally to be used for welding trailers, but once I taught myself how to use it, there was no stopping me.
The petrol tank was an auto-jumble find (a DKW moped tank wich i believe is extremely old).

The front wheel,yokes, forks and brakes were all robbed as a complete unit fron a honda CM250.

A Peugeot moped supplied the disk and calliper which is mounted to a one off adaptor plate on the diff.

The paint finish is powdercoat black.

The seat base and electrics were also hand made myself.

It is also good to bear in mind that I have no bikers, trikers, engineers or millionaires in my family.

thanks to my family for supporting me doing this and my latest project a xj900 engined trike
thanks to alik windrush for the photos


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