Built by Lamb Engineering

  • Engine – Revtech 88cu
  • Frame – one-off with 35 deg rake
  • Forks – one-off with built in brake calipers to suit brake disc in wheel which is riveted flush.
  • 21 inch front wheel x 2.25
  • 18 x 6.5 rear with brake drum
  • All levers etc are made from ali bronze which is very tough and does not discolour like brass
  • The bar controls are cables to the master cylinders which are on the inner part of the bars
  • All the parts are one-off except the engine and gearbox
  • The front shock is made or sf st and bronze.
  • Paint is metallic brown with gold Leaf and hand painted pinstripe by Del Of Bath 07876593199
  • Exhaust and sheet metal by Maf at expressive mcycles 01980620558 nr Salisbury.


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