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Titanium V

The Titanium V is an 1100 Moto Guzzi V11 custom designed in a race bike style, made out of Titanium.
anyone who knows Paul Milbourn, knows not only what a great down to earth guy he is, but how his creativeness when it comes to custom motorcycles is completely out there, with the ability to create something not only unique, but totally different from previous styles, he does not have a trademark style, what he does have is a trademark quality along with knowing that whatever he builds, will be amazing, have a look at Nutcracker his previous build here: Nutcracker on Bikerlifestyle

Titanium V
Titanium V

as most of you know Titanium is difficult to wield everything ta could be made from Titanium was, including fixings oil coolers. Handlebars, clock mounts, carb intakes, cylinder head, carbs.
The Bodywork is hand made from Titanium and Aluminium which is an impressive feat. Obviously the bike is light and at only 155kg the idea was to see how light a Moto Guzzi could be made, to which the answer is – Extremely Light.
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