talonIt was in April of 1992 that the first “Legends” Car was unveiled at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway. The concept of creating a fun and affordable “spec” class of racing for anyone to participate in was born. President and General Manager of LMS, H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler and Elliott Forbes-Robinson, famed road racing champion, designed these 5/8-scale fiberglass full-fendered versions of the famed NASCAR modifieds driven by legendary drivers such as Fireball Roberts, Buck Baker, Curtis Turner, Speedy Thompson and Banjo Matthews.
Since that time, the Legends Cars have become one of the fastest growing segments of motorsport today. They race on circuits, sprint courses, dirt ovals, asphalt ovals and ice ovals. There are 10 different body styles from Ford, Dodge and Chevy in both sedan and coupe styles. Each of these pocket rockets are powered by a Yamaha FJ1200 or XJR1300 motorbike engine, prop driven to the rear axle which is from a 1986 Toyota Celica. The cars will accelerate from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds and will top out at around 140mph.legend14
Our car, “Talon” is the first drag racing Legend outside America, (where there is only one), and is completely standard just like the American one with the exception of rear slicks from Hoosier. The car currently runs 13.03 seconds at 103.3 mph over the quarter mile. However, improvements will be made over the winter with an air shifter and nitrous kit being installed which should see the car run down into the 10 second bracket.

Wheelbase – 73”.
Width – 60”.
Length – 10’ 6”.
Height – 46”.
Engine – Yamaha FJ1200.
Horsepower – 125bhp.
Weight – 1200lb.
Suspension – Coil over with Bilstein shocks.
Chassis – Steel space frame with integral roll cage.

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