I am “The Laird” and this is my ride Urbanmax, I’m not a posh dude the title was a gift so why waste it heh heh heh ! anyway back to the bike. After wanting a vmax for some time I finely bought one in may 2004 it was a standard 98 bike apart from the Triumph front end and a silly little set of bars,I think its the best buy I ever made all that bollocks that the vmax does not go round corners or the brakes are shit is bollocks.

Alright I have braided the brake lines and it makes a big difference to any bike mine included and I have uprated the tyre widths but it wasn’t that bad to start with,The first thing I did was to powder coat the wheels as they where different colours and of poor condition then I sorted out the silly little bars and added some nice goodies like the levers, mirrors & grips.The theme it has now ! just evolved without intension, Ebay has alot to answer for really and some car boot sales,this is where the gas mask came from.The bullets and tank came later and then it was a trip to the engineers to turn the exhausts into rockets,Its tuned to dyno stage 1 with k&n filter,race cans and rejetted I have also fitted t-boost witch kicks in the vboost at 3000 rpm instead of 6000 rpm at the flick of a switch and its “fucking brilliant fun” I’ve entered the bike into alot of shows this year just for fun and it gets you in for free, but its not really a show bike just my personalised ride although I did win best streetfighter at one of them.Everything I’ve done was done as I go with minimum time off the road as I don’t have a spare ride.

URBANMAX has changed for 2006, New Lights, New Scratchplate and best of all New Exhausts Designed by myself


cheers The Laird

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