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3 FINGER EDDY by Rocket Bobs
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TP 124″ Pro Race engine, 11.75:1 compression ratio, 660 cam, gas flowed heads, RB dyno tuned inlet twin manifold for dual S&S dual throat carburetors prepared by RB. RB 3″ open primary with Primo clutch and Jims 5 speed box.
EXHAUST: 18 gauge inconel 2-2 exhaust system by RB.
FRAME: RB Airframe. Made from 18 gauge 4130 (chrome moly) 25mm and 15mm, also using 10mm thick wall 4130 tube in triangulation.
FRONT END: RB 4130 aero tube trees with modified SJP forks, Ricks 5.5″ rim with RB spokes & tapered hub, Brembo brakes, RB stainless steel handlebars.
REAR END: Airframe swingarm with softail mounted shocks, RB sprotor rear brake, Ricks 10″ rim with RB spokes and tapered hub.
MISCELLANEOUS: Tank features front electrical caddy for fully hidden wiring, RB razor pegs rear set on swingarm, air shifter on transmission operated from buttons on left hand side of bars, air reservoir held in frame behind rear pot, compressor under transmission. RB custom stainless oil bag mounted up front on the swingarm (and no, this has zero effect on damping).
PAINT and FINISH: Bespoke paint by Art Slade (Oxford) with sk8 and RB references. Frame and wheels ceramic coated.


3 Finger Eddy

3 Finger Eddy Was built by Rockets Bobs cycle works, They have been building custom motorcycles since 2009.
3 Finger Eddy along with Gas’d Rat, hipster killer and the Fantastic Mr Fox Are the recent additions to the bike building portfolio

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